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TVersity has some "Great Software"  These examples will show the TVersity Media Server running on a Win XP and  a TVersity Screen Server running on a HP G72 Notebook PC Windows 7 Home Premium, both can be used with the Dish Hopper because they are all DLNA capable.  

TVersity Media Server


  1. TVersity Media Server and TVersity Screen Server are accessible from the Dish Hopper app Home Media.     


  1. My TVersity Media Center is running on a HP Media Center PC m1180n Windows XP SP3 with all the music stored on a HP external drive and the Dish Hopper Home Media can access all...including audio, video, You Tube , etc         


TVersity Screen Server


  1. My TVersity Screen Server  is running on a HP G72 Notebook PC Windows 7 Home Premium. The software will automatically find the Dish Hopper.        

  1. Open DISH Hopper Home Media and click on TVersity Screen Server.   

  1.  At the next screen click Mirror Computer Screen.      

  1. Your PCs desktop will now be mirrored on your TV thru the DISH Hopper Home Media app. Anything you do on the PC will show on the Home Media app. *NOTE: There is a slight delay between when you open an application on the PC to when it appears on the TV. I have also noticed when trying to run several applications at one time on the PC like Media Player and a screen saver ...the Media Player sound breaks up and all I have to do is just turn off the screen saver. Not sure if it is my network (LAN) or the TVersity Screen Server app. I am still experimenting and what I see so far ....I'm impressed with this software.                


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